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    hey everybody, lots of rain down here in South Texas. want to take of advantage of weather and replace stock mufflers on my '10 roadking classic. can anyone tell me what the difference is between rineharts, rush, V&H, etc. besides the price. and what about sound if they all had 2.25 baffles. thanks
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    Tough question because sound is subjective; what sounds good to one may sound like garbage to another. Same goes for "loudness" in that what I think is too loud may be too quiet for you.
    Best way to pick what pipes you want is to listen to as many others as you can. Go to a HOG meeting or bike show/rally & see what everyone else is running and find something you like.
    I run Rush slipons with 1.5" baffles. Fairly quiet at cruise, meaning I can hear the stereo at 1/3 volume and don't have to wear earplugs on an all day ride, but still has quite a bark when I get on it.
    2.25" baffles in anything will be pretty noticeable, and it'll come down to what particular pipe pleases your ear. As I said- it's all subjective...

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    The key here is asking a Harley rider what the best exhaust/slipon combo for Stage 1 is like asking a gal what diamond she thinks is best...LOL! Seriously, it is a personal choice of application (fit), looks and sound (in her case how many ooohs and ahhhs her friends tell her). Not that I would "really" be comparing these things...but it is emotions...yes even us guys have that...that make us "pull the trigger" and make the final sale.

    Going to Bike Rallys and events is a good start, so when you hear and see what you like, the owner is more than happy to tell you why it was his choice. He will also tell you about any "foibles" such as fit, dealer service, etc. that you may not have thought about if you are changing them in the privacy of your own well equipped garage. You have plenty of help here...just a few keystrokes away, if you need a help.:D
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    Still have your CAT? If so then you won't get an overly loud rumble with any slip on. I removed the CAT and replaced with Vance and Hines Power Duals with High Output slip on's. I added a Power Commander V, and high flow air systems. The bike runs great and has a really nice low rumble that is just loud enough to enjoy at higher speeds without blasting the stereo....
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    Like was stated before, if you headpipes are still stock all will be fairly quiet compared to older bikes with the same pipe.
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    I have a 2010 roadking and was told i cant put slip ons on the bike.or better yet i can but the sound and performance would not be what i wanted,
    I wanted to have some new pipes put on my bike for a little louder,was told that i would need a remapping done,change headers and a power commander,,a total of over 3200,,is that right? I wanted the rhineharts and that was the price i was given,im a woman and i think i was being taken!
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    YES that sounds high...