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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by 2007 Heritage, Mar 14, 2009.

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    I recently bought a set of Cycle Shack slip on mufflers for my 2007 Heritage. The guy at the counter of my local HD dealership told me that I should install them myself and save the $$ of having the dealer install them. Can anyone give me some installation instructions, or give me a website where I can get the instructions? Thanks!
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    I know this has been covered upteen million times, but most of what I've read in this forum and others have been more on the touring bikes and not softails.

    But I have a set of Rush baloney cut slip-ons on my 08 Heritage with 2" baffles and it makes my ears ring some days. I've listened to the sound clips on and have decided to go with 1.5" baffles. The people I've talked to in person say I won't like them as they won't be loud enough but these guys are all running large baffles with stage 1 upgrades, serts or PCIII. I'm going to eventually upgrade to true dual exhausts with the appropriate upgrades but the pocketbook isn't going to allow it quite yet.

    I know sound is so subjective on bikes but is there anyone out there running Rush slip-ons on their softails with 1.5" baffles? If so, how do you like them? I figure worst comes to worst and I blew 65 bucks. But it can't be too much worse that what I feel I have now.
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    So when are you going to do yours?:bigsmiley20:

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    2007 Heritage - welcome to HDT and yes you will get good advice here. Just follow Hobbits', Smitty' & Steve' lead and install what you selected, since sound is pretty subjective looking at the screen, all we can tell you is adding baffles, cones or slipons will quiet them at least so your ear's won't ring, I have been there and my gal out back agrees. Just keep your OEM HD exhaust hardware if you still have them, in case local authorities object to these type mods in your area.