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Slip-on Clamps


I installed a set of V&H Classic slip-ons on my 2007 Road King (FLHR) the other day (very nice sound, by the way) and followed the installation instructions including the torque specs on the clamps. The V&H sheet said to torque them to 12 ft/lb.

It seemed a bit low to me, but I wanted to do the install correctly. All seemed OK until I was washing the bike yesterday and found that the left side slip-on was loose. By loose, I mean that if the back two mounting bolts had not been in place, I would have probably watched the pipes blow by me at the next traffic light. I realigned everything and moved the clamp to the utmost edge between the header and slip-on and re-tightened.

My question is: Does 12 ft/lbs seem adequate to properly clamp the slip-ons to the header pipe? I don't want to crush the header pipe... Or, do I need to get better clamps than what V&H supplied (the OEM clamps seemed much sturdier anyway)?
I put V&H Ovals on my RK and used the Harley clamps and torqued them to the spec in the maintenance manual for HD. Something like 40 lbs. No leaks.
The V&H clamps are cheapos. I would also use the HD clamps and do as navyman said to torque them to the factory specs.
Cool. I'll probably hit the dealership Saturday and pick up some stock clamps. I have the old ones, but I might as well keep everything new....
Ok, round two....

I repositioned the clamps for the time being and tightened as tight as I dared, and everything seems OK. Except...

The rubber mount that holds the rear of the slip-on to the hard bag frame is 'loose.' That is, the mount itself has about a 1/16th of an inch wiggle room (up and down). I've replaced the rubber mount thinking that it may have been damaged when the slip-on clamp came loose, but the new mount doesn't help, it still moves up and down slightly. Short of replacing the bag mounting frame, I guess I could wrap the rubber mount in something to keep it secure.

Any other ideas?