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slip on advice


I have an o7 deluxe and just purchased rush 2.0 slip ons. I'm hoping not to have to do any engine mods other than puttting the pipes on. Anybody have any advice about these piipes?? Can I get away with just putting the pipes on without doing the stage 1 upgrade????
If it's just sound you are looking for you can get away with just the slip ons. The newer bikes are very lean/hot and the 02 sensors only work in cruise mode so you are leaning the lower and upper end of the fuel map out a bit which is not a great thing even thou some do it.
If I were you , I would add the stage 1 intake and then a TFI from techlusion to richen up the mixture a bit. You will be surprised what the three parts will give you. Ususally about 8-10 HP and additional torque also plus it will run so much better.

The TFI is a plug and play unit, no computer or computer skills needed for it. I have run them on my last 4 bikes now and they work well.