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Slicky roads

Slicky roads
One thing I have learned while riding my bike is to never ride in the center lane and this is especially if it has been raining or if there is the slightest hint of fog, because that is where the oil comming from the cars will be and when it mixes with water it not only becomes vey slicky, but extremely dangerous.
It is not really a good idea to ride a motorcycle on a rainy day because of the road being slippery. This is the moment where accidents usually happens. But experience drivers don't mind this condition.
I disagree with you. Here at my town, it is raining most of the times and it will be a big pain for everyone if they just avoid riding due to rains. The life is meant to take risks and it is great fun to ride during rains, specially when its raining very heavily and you are at your full speed.
Wow. It must have been a big thrill riding out in heavy rains at full speed on a Harley. I do not think I can take it though. I have a weak heart if you know what I mean.
I understand that you still want to ride your bike despite that ist raining, I do too, its just a caution to not ride in the center it makes it even more riskier, but hey you guys sound like daredevils to me, just my 2 cents, thats all:rolleyes:
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When I had my bike I never purposly took it out in the rain, but there were times that I got caught out in the rain and I have to agree that the roads are much more slick and that you should be extra careful not to go too fast and put yourself in danger.
Getting caught out is one thing unavoidable at times.Going out in heavy rain and speeding is not only risking yourself but every other person out.
I think that the most important thing to remember when travelling on wet roads is to maintain a safe speed and a good distance from other vehicles. Also know when to pull over if the rain is heavy! Don't try to ride in heavy rains you are bound to get into an accident.