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    this yr before our vacation, i applied "skins" to the fenders and area surrounding rear wheels. wish i'd done this when the trikes were brand new. we bought the kits at a harley dealer, designed specifically for the tri-glide. there are 12 pieces per kit. on our first road trip we came home w/ a couple dings in paint. after this yrs. trip all is well. we didn't want the "bras" sold to protect the paint as we spent a lot of money on our trikes wanting the sun-glo red paint--it's totally awesome, and didn't want to cover it; these skins let the paint shine thru. it's quite a hassle to install, but worth every curse. the directions included are superb--follow them! and i suggest taking off the side covers and starting w/ the small pieces on them before tackling the larger pieces. the actual fender piece is quite lg. and the main hassle. i started from the bottom w/ this piece and worked my way up. as per directions, i bought 2 sm spray bottles, 1 for achohol mix, the other for baby shampoo mix; and also highly recommend med. stiff squeegies. i used one from a window squeegie i keep in my tour pack to wash shields, and one from the shower that was a lil stiffer and smaller, for sm areas. this is a good product and we highly recommend it for all new trikes!