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    looking to buy sissy bar luggage, HD has touring luggage system with day bag #94734, wanted to see if anyone out there has this luggage and what you opinion is, good or bad, feedback on any sissy bar luggage would be appreciated, can't make my mind up, I'm willing to spend a few extra $ for a quality product

    Thanks in advance
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    I picked up a couple pieces of the Dowco Iron Rider luggage. I think it's pretty decent quality stuff and probably cheaper than some of the HD products. Here's a link if you want to check it out.
    DOWCO Power Sports : Products :

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    I got a pretty large T-Bag brand sissy bar style off of Ebay about a year ago and I've been very happy with it.
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    I know this is kinda old but, I use the H.D. side loading rolling tour bag on my Street Glide. Works great over the backrest on the passenger seat or luggage rack.
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    Kuryakyn has some nice offerings with a range of prices.
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    Sissy bar luggage - Adapt, Improvise & Overcome!

    I've debated saddlebags and tombstone bags with myself ever since I brought the bike home. For the most part with the type of riding I do I don't really need the extra storage capacity of saddlebags, and I just don't care for the way they hide the chrome. I also tend to be just a little "tight with my wallet". Along with a leather trunk on the luggage rack what I found was the 'frame pocket' on my medium size "Alice Pack" fits nicely over the sissy bar, rides well on the passenger seat, and provides a nice backrest on my 3 or 4 day weekenders. It secures well with the lower straps and just one bungee around. Plenty of accessible pockets, and somewhat waterproof! I guess maybe I'm too cheap to buy bags for that occasional long weekend, but if I need more than rain gear, a spare t-shirt, jeans, and American Express I just don't have as much fun!
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