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A device that attaches to the bottom of your bike and is supposed to trip the sensors at stop lights so the light just might change before you run out of gas. I think this one is a magnet just like some of the other products out there. Anybody know if this one works or not?

I put one on my bike a year or two ago. If it does anything, it's not enough of a difference to be noticeable. I still sit at red lights, waiting for them to change or for the way to be clear so I can run it.
If this is happening in your hometown find out who is responsible for the traffic light and tell them there is a problem with the light sensor. They can adjust the continuity of the sensor to detect your bike. In the mean time if the light does not change for you the first cycle and if no car pulls up to it before the next cycle and the second cycle does not change again if traffic is clear approaching you and it is safe to do so make the turn. I say do this only if you determine it safe to do so. Most police officers know that a bike may not always trigger a light to change.

Now, if you get creamed by on-coming traffic you may not have a leg to stand on. Call the streets dept in your town report the traffic light as malfunctioning.

There are several variants of this gizmo on the market, they all seem to simply be magnets that you attach to the bottom of your frame. If you want to give the technology a try without spending any money, just find a discarded computer hard drive. There are two extremely powerful rare-earth magnets inside every disk drive. They are crescent shaped, about one by two inches, located at the base of the swinging arm inside the drive. Just stick one to the bottom of your bike and try it out. You will need a small torx bit to disassemble the drive, or a big hammer.
I recently asked a CHP officer about the legality of making a left turn on red light. He said that if your bike doens't trigger the light, then after once cycle it is o.k. to make the turn if there is no traffic. Of course, there is nothing in writing stating this, so procede at your own risk.
"I thought I knew it all" I went thru the MSF course a few weeks ago and this subject was talked about. I thought the sensor for the light change was up on the light I would put on my brights in my Jeep and I swear it would make some lights change before I even got close to them.
I learned the sensor is in the pavement it's the thin cut line at stoplights in a square shape that has epoxy or other sealent covering it up. I always wondered why they would always cut a line in new pavment . "Know I know the rest of the story". Also my instructor who has clocked on over 500,000 safe miles recomend and does go thru lights that wont change he said to take the time and call in the bad light to the city it will make for a happier ridding for everyone if guys just call them in.
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