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    A friend of mine has an 08 deluxe and just as soon as you turn the key on the left signal light comes on, I took the switch apart and I have 12v on one side and 8v on the other. When I press the switch I get the 12v on the other wire, so I'm wondering if maybe the relay is bad but I cant find it the only two I can find are under the seat one is for ignition and the other is FI or at least thats what we figure it is so where is the signal light relay on a Harley Davidson 2008 deluxe?
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    The turn signal relay is actually part of the TSM/TSSM (Turn Signal Module, Turn Signal Security Module) which is under the seat but mounts to a panel under the rear fender that has to be removed for access.

    Might want to check for and diagnostic codes before tearing into anything.

    09-08-07 DTC Codes - Archive - Harley Davidson Community

    It could be as simple as a loose electrical connection or ground.
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    # 1 on that:D