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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by phatch, Apr 8, 2009.

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    You have probably been asked this before but here goes... I have a 2003 Ultra and have a constant fear of dropping it whilst parking. The bike sometimes moves slightly forward even though it appears to be on a flat surface. I have been told that the side stand has a gravity lock that kicks in if it slides forward too much but am obviously too nervous to put this theory to the test. Is this a fact or have I been given poor advice? Thanks all for a great site.
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    Have someone sit on and hold bike upright so you can get down to ground level to check-out how jiffy stand works. With jiffy in the down position, grab the very end of it and pull out and up. Looking at the mounting area you should be able to see how the locking tab engages. Very reliable.
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    Thanks Guys - Will do.
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    One of the best designed things on a HD is the jiffy stand.There is a small amount of travel in the lock tab,but it will never fail :D
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    I understand your concern and nervousness completely!! The FIRST time my '03 UC moved forward after I had parked her and gotten off, but was still holding the left grip, my heart shot up in my chest! I was sure she was going over. My bike has 3-5" of movement forward or backward depending on where the jiffy stand is. But if you look carefully at the kickstand mechanism, you will see that there is a 1/4"+ thick locking pawl that fits between the sides of the jiffy stand support bracket. As the bike leans to the left, this locking pawl engages this framework PREVENTING the jiffy stand from retracting to its rearward position. So as long as the jiffy stand is FULLY forward when you begin to lean the bike to the left and the pawl engages, it is very secure.

    The lean angle is another issue. Especially if you have lowered the bike. I have a Dyna which is almost laying on its side when on the stand, so the UC was very upright. The key is to ensure that if there is ANY incline where you are parking the bike, make sure the bike is leaning DOWN the incline. I use a 2" thick piece of wood under the jiffy stand to put the bike in an almost straight upright stance in order to check tranny fluid, etc. So there is not a lot of extra lean to deal with. Just be aware of that and park accordingly.

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    Being that I am the untrusting type and don't like to leave my UC on that side stand (what HD entitled the "jiffy stand) for long periods of time, I installed an aftermarket center stand. I also can't imagine why an American built motorcycle with a sticker price as they are, isn't manufactured with a center stand as one makes most all maintenance so much easier. My UC is much better now, takes up less room in the garage, is more stable, easier to clean, and all that other good stuff.

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    No worries, the sidestand is very reliable...BUT if parking downhill I would put the bike in gear just be be sure it does not move forward. Also, sometimes when deployed out of sequence, the side stand can flip back up if you "kick the sidestand while in a hurry" with it not weighted. It can have it bounce back as you pull your boot away without weighting the stand in contact with the ground after fully deploying it. :unsure
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    I wouldn't be as worried about the sidestand folding up as I would about the sidestand sinking in hot asphalt. Just a reminder to all with the hot summer months coming up. Mine already left a 1" divot in a parking lot. I bought the "puck" that goes under the sidestand and use it religiously now. It's really neat how it tucks behind you in that slot in the seat for a backrest.
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    Y'know, puttin' the puck in the seat slot NEVER occurred to me -- brilliant!