side mount tail light wiring?

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by ttrumbull, Jan 7, 2008.

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    Im changing the rear fender on my 2003 883XLC and replacing tail light and licence plate with side mount style. Someone please tell me how to wire in the new tail light. The origanal comes from a mother board? that appears to have 3 wires and the new side mount only has 2 wires. Where do I go from here. I live in Maryland and need to keep the turn signals on the bike. Please try to keep it simple if you can, wiring is not my strong suit. Thanx
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    Not knowing the wiring on the replacement unit, I would speculate that if it has two wires, it could be that the unit is grounded and one of the two is brake and the other running light.

    As Hobbit said, check the bulb, it will tell the story. If it has one contact on the base, it's just a running light and you'll need directional lights also. If it has two contacts on the base, it's running and brake light as stated above here with the unit as ground and can be wired into the feed for the run and brake light on the bike.