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show me your's & Ill show you mine.


Hey guys Id like to see your mods list or pic's even better.From paint ,fork's,chrome bolts,engine,every thing you've done to improve you ride .From past to present ,present to future mods.Id like to see em.Sorry if this is posted some were else here i just want to see them .knowledge is learning .
Ill start with mine to date
Engine 103 big bore
• HTCC 1690 Pistons P/N 22444-02
• CNC Ported HTCC head kit (black 16925-02B)
SE-Perfect Fit Pushrods - Twin Cam -.030 P/N 18402-03
SE-258-Screamin’ Eagle® Pro Twin Cam Performance Cam Kit P/N 25474-06
Pressure clutch AIM VP92T VAIR VP-008.
Se Velocity Stack (powder coat this winter)
D&D Fat cats
SE 50mm tb
Flame multi fit hand grips and pegs:To date
here is my list Im waiting for via mail:
Custom full flame seat from BAR E custom seats (w/custom design)
Kuryakyn flush mount fuel caps
Chrome lower fork sliders w/billet dust caps
What Id like to do this winter:
install 422 progressive lowering shocks
Change my 258 cams to SE 260's
Custom airbrush paint over my vivid black paint (To match my seat)I just posted pics in softail gallery.
tell me show me yours I'd like to see.
Mine is a twin cam 88 with oversized cams screaming eagle stage1 upgrade vance and hines longshot exhaust and skulls everywhere.
Just a few things so far that I've done to mine. Some things were done and then replaced with something else so it may look like duplications. I keep a running list of improvements so comes time to sell, I have everything all set to go.:D

Engine is staying stock until the warranty is over.
  • Fender skirt V Logo
  • Kuryakyn heat shield extension
  • Billet Shift linkage
  • Billet shift lever
  • Shift pegs (2)
  • Billet brake lever
  • Brake pedal
  • Head bold covers
  • Caliper inserts (2)
  • Front Floorboard covers (top)
  • Rear Floorboard covers (top)
  • Rear Floorboard (underside)
  • Soft lowers
  • Saddlebag guards
  • Service manual
  • FLHR Fork stem clock
  • Banjo bolt covers (4)
  • Shock Air pump
  • Kuryakyn tail light cover
  • Dash insert
  • Chrome Kuryakyn Regulator cover
  • Chrome stage 1 Intake
  • K&N filter
  • Chrome fork air baffle
  • Dash panel complete (kuryakyn)
  • Assorted chrome fasteners.
  • Clutch cable P Clip
  • SE 15W Fork oil installed
  • Chrome frame reflector housings
  • Hardware for above
  • R Brake mounts
  • Cylinder base cover
  • Chrome fork drain screws
  • Timer cover
  • Chrome rear foot peg base kit
  • Rear pegs (replace boards)
  • Chrome Peg Mount bolt kit
  • Isolated Drive System
  • Front bullet turn signals
  • Front Visors for above
  • Rear Turn Bullet Bar
  • Rear visors for above
  • Rear red lenses
  • Battery Chg Harness
  • Passing visor bezels (stock)
  • T/S visor bezels (stock)
  • Visor Headlamp bezel
  • Chrome rear Master Cyl cover
  • Chrome Transmission interface.
  • Chrome handlebars
  • Chrome clutch ferrules (2)
  • TFI (1250ST)
  • Alarm siren
  • Chrome front sliders & cowbells
  • Chrome spacer and axle nut kit
  • Chrome switch housings and bolts
  • Chrome brake and clutch levers.
  • Chrome Mstr. Cylinder and clutch perches.
  • Aileron grips
  • Auxillary brake/running lights
Probably a few more things to do.:dknow
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Whoaaa those are great mods.Some of em are even longer than my rap sheet ahem Glider lol.Theres prolly alot more of em out there keep them coming. I live for the mods.I like to see the cool rides out there and the creative things your doing to them .
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Ummmm.... gee... now putting in "new mirrors" feels kinda... underwhelming!


J/K... I'm sure I'll eventually get around to doing some work on the bike, I've only had it for 4 months!

Hey DK, don't feel bad mate, gliders RK only does 15 mph with all that "bling" hangin off it!! :lero:boxing
I have spent £10,000 on accessories and have spent £12,000 on having it Triked.

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2007 Road King Classic, Fire Red Pearl & Black Pearl
Rinehart True Duals
RKC Sundowner Touring seat
Headlight visor
Auxillary light visors
Turn signal visors
RKC front fender skirt
Chrome right footboard heel guard
Detachable RKC leather Tour-pak
RKC Chrome passenger footboard covers
RKC windshield bag
Chrome/rubber HD emblem brake pedal
Chrome/rubber HD emblem shifter pegs
Chrome/rubber HD emblem highway pegs
Uniq Cycle sounds classic amped speakers (mounted on engine guard)
Saddlebag lid liners
Red rear turn signal lenses
Rear turn/brake light module
Mods to my main sled are something like this : 2006 FXDI Vivid Black
103ci - S&S crank & rods
10.5-1 JE pistons
Jerry Branch worked heads
Custom Andrews cam - .635 lift
SE Push-rods
Manley valves, TMT springs, TMT Ti locks & keepers, TMT MO-FLO guides
Jims Rocker arms & Support
Fueling oil pump
Ported SE/Jerry Branch 50mm intake with flow matched 25* injectors
K&N/SE air filter
Thunder header
Metzler ME 880 tires
Russel V-Rod full floating rotors & Lyndle Racing Gold pads
FLH Front break master cylinder (11/16" bore)
Harley Davidson - Quick detach windshield, Hard SaddleBags, 3 seats, grips, pegs, sissy bars (2), front turn signal relocate kit, rear turn signal relocate for bags, custom tag and inspection sticker mounts
TiN coated trans gears and shafts
Barnett clutch
Goodyear 2007 FXDI drive belt


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