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shovelhead electronic ignition and alternator upgrace


My 83 FXE needs help. My ride is stroked 80 ci with S&S carb. I was looking forward to changing to an electronic ignition and hoped to find info on what brands others liked. I also want to replace the regulator and alternator. I want to upgrade from a 22 amp alternator to a 32 amp. I have Accel coil and 8 mm wires. I see some stuff from Mid USA CompuFire, Mallory,and Drag Specialties that interest me.

Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with this application or first hand knowledge of these or other products to solve my dilemma? I want to make sure the changes work together.

Before spring I would like to change the pipes as I am running Drag Specialties drag pipes and am planning on moving to a 2-1RB racing or thunderheaders to pick up some more response.
i have had a couple of shovels in the past .
depending on which accel coil you have such as the 4.7 you will need to change it to a2.3if you stay with accelor a 3.0 ohm if other to be used with the electronic ign .
we have always had good luck with dyna systems .
if you do have to replace the coil concider the dyna 2000i systemwith the coil also concider adding the extra couple wires and setting your bike up as a single fire ign
the dyna 2000i is a good set up
thats just my oppion thought
didnt never do anything to my alt, but seam to remember with shovel head strokers ,there alt something about blowing head light bulbs ???dont remember for sure though
also i have the service man for the flt/fxr 80-83 , if you dont have one and need something looked up feel free to ask