shovelhead 1980 fxe timing??????

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by chehopper, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. chehopper

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    shovelhead 1980 fxe ive tryed timing my bike to no avil please can somone help i had it to top dead centre with the timing mark stright up points open put the plug back in fires but not starting any info and what could the problem be? if anyone has any photos would make things better
  2. Chopper

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    Are you sure you're on compression stroke? If I remember right the mark is a dot? Also o you have the weights turned when cheching? It does have points conversion?
  3. milo2

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    just happened to read your dilemma never worked on a Harley but set up many points on other vehicles. Thing that got me wondering was you say it fires but wont run. If you have the points open at TDC then ignition is a bit late, wouldnt you have the points open at ?deg BTDC. Sure someone else can clarify this with shovel experience.
  4. chuckyd1

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    You want to take out the plugs, put the bike on a stand (milk crate, etc) put it in gear and spin the rear wheel in the forward direction. take off the clips for the front push rod tubes, and hold them up with clothesepins.You want to watch the intake valve pushrod (the inside one) go down, then close as the piston comes up. When the timing mark is in the hole, you are there. If the other valve is opening, then you are 180 degrees out (Yea, I know it's not really 180 but for the sake of arguement)
  5. Jack Klarich

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    Check advance unit, if its like a sportser if I remember correctly it has a roll pin that likes to shear, and jump time
  6. brownfoxx1

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    take a end of a broom straw or a 3" maple tree sapeling & strip it of leaves . then bend 1/4" up about 40degrees. then get some florescent orange model airplane paint & dip the straw in the part of the paint thats partially dryed up.

    remove timeing plug, & rotate eng so you can view the timeing "hash" mark"
    spray the hash mark with 1 shord burst of carb cleaner. to clean off any oil residue.let dry

    paint the eng. timeing hash mark with the orange paint. untin the grove is full. then use a thin common screwdriver & cover end with a soft cloth. wipe off excess paint.

    let dry overnight.
  7. daveyd

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    Use the DOT not the line
  8. blademan

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    3 1/2 year old post guys.