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Hello there.Im a new member here (from Finland) I`ve added some pictures of my bike in members gallery. Is it anyone who can tell me the paint code of this bike ?
Welcome to the forum Gena.

If you check under the tank, quite often you will find a sticker with the paint code on it. I don't know how far back they go with the stickers but it may be worth a look.
I checked under the tank nothing there. I am quite sure that the name of the paint is sparkling turquoise(du pont) (candy or hi fi, means that computers can`t tell the tone because it becomes confused and give so many totally wrong alternatives)
but it must be someone who has repainted his bike with this particular original, color I mean how many different blue tones was in use at that time 1971?
I have been sitting many houors in front of the computer wieving differnt hompages without success.

All the info sites I have only go back as far as 86-88. You may get some info from your local dealer with a good parts person as to the color of the paint.
Hobbit, I learn something new from you every day:D

Gena, that site does not go back to the 71 either but maybe email them a pic of your bike and they may be able to tell you being there weren't that many colors back then, just a thought.

You may try a PM to 71shovelhead here on the forum, I know him and he can probably give you some input here.Here's his profile below. I'll send him an email and ask him to look in on this post.

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BTW, great looking bike.

gena, Hi Fi Blue is deffinately the color, My '71 was the same color. I repainted it "candy apple regal blue" over a silver base, it was very close to the original color. If I can find an original pic I'll scan it and add it to this thread
went to my local ppg paintshop today he couldn`t find the right color from the HI-FI BLUE CANDY PPG#’s 34471 & 16021 or
candy apple regal blue code I cannot understand why.
The local dealer should be able to pull the paint info up using this number.

Hi-Fi Blue 9860*-BG
candy colors have kind of gone out of style as of late, more in favor of the 2 part resins. that candy apple may not be available due to enviromental concerns I entered 2 pics hope it works. they are from '84, the first is original paint, the second is the repaint, (regal blue candy) the third is her current color (cobalt blue) fom House of Color I hope this helps


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