Shouldn't Bug Me But It Does.....

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by Dr. Dolittle, Oct 29, 2009.

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    You know how we all have pet peeves? Stuff that really bugs us when it's really not that big a deal? Here's one of mine. For some reason it drives me crazy to see someone riding a motorcycle at low to medium speeds in city situations with their feet up on the highway pegs. They're called HIGHWAY pegs for a reason! They're intended for constant speed riding where no braking or shifting is anticipated and you want to stretch out your legs for comfort. I consider it a safety hazard when I see someone cruising around in the city, speeding up, slowing down, changing lanes, all with their feet merrily resting on the highway pegs. Sorry, there's too many times when you instantly need to be braking or shifting in this situation.

    I was just out walking the dogs and watched a guy weaving around speed bumps in our neighborhood pool/tennis parking lot. Going 10 MPH tops, turning and still bumping over the speed bumps - but, he knew I was watching and he wasn't going to lose any cool points by dropping his feet down off those highway pegs. Geesh!

    I guess if this is all that's bugging me today, I'm having a pretty good day!

    Let's hear some of your motorcycle related pet peeves.
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    Wow!..I know this is gonna sound crazy...coz but guys twisting the throttle at stop lights....I know! I know! its crazy to feel that way..but know what i honestly believe thats why some of the sound ordinances are going into affect or being enforced ...I twist mine to go faster not to show someone I'm a biker. Only time i think its necessary is to get someones attention. I get there attention with a Air but , I have to admit if a kids in a car and he give me the twist sign i do give it jus a lil :D
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    Group riders who don't maintain proper distance and lag behind causing the group to
    yo-yo.........drives me crazy!!!! It makes me feel like they aren't paying attention. What
    else are they not noticing???
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    Dr. D i have to agree with you. That torques me up to. Highway pegs are highway pegs.
  5. Hoople

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    I have something that Bugs me & it SHOULD bug me. I wanted to replace my air filter (part# 29191-08) so I looked up the MSRP price on the web and it is $24.95. I usually buy from LakeShore because their Prices and Service are Great. But I figured because it was just 1 part and I wanted it right now, I would just take a ride to my local dealer and pay List price. Well I was wrong. They wanted $28.65 which is MSRP Plus 15%. Where do these people get off charging over list price? That Drives me Crazy. List price is an Insult much less 15% over List. Now I know why the place was empty and why everyone was standing around with their hands in their pockets. Forget them.

    I will now sit down and order a bunch of stuff that I will need now & in the future from LakeShore and just wait a couple of days. At least Bill appreciates my business.
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    "There you go man, keep as cool as you can.
    Face piles of trials with smiles.
    It riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave.
    Keep on thinking free."

    Moody Blues, '69

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    I was riding through my neighborhood, going maybe 10mph tops. Had my feet up on the pegs, lovin' the day, weaving around the speed bumps. Suddenly, I noticed this guy walking his dogs..the dude was staring me down!! what the heck?? He kept staring at me and muttering to his dogs, definately wound too tight. I almost stopped (but I realized I would have to take my feet off the pegs so didn't) and said something but decided I would just ignore him and enjoy the rest of the ride. hehe
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    I knew he was so cool he just had to be a forum member! :cheers
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    Good one!!! :lolrolling:lolrolling:lolrolling
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