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Should this be pluged off


I just bout this bike it's a 1982 fxr 80 ci i seen this line plugged off i figured thats not rite so i need to know were it goes, i unpluged it with the engine running and it started puking oil,,any one have any idea's...thanks


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My old eyeballs think it could be where some shade tree mechanic put in an oil pressure guage at some time. Unplugging it upsets crankcase pressure/oil pressure,, me thinks.
On my 87 fxrs that hose goes back to the oil tank. I beleve that is the return line. My vent goes to the air cleaner backing plate.
If it was the return line, there would be no flow at all. Usually the bottom crank case vent goes to the air filter.
There was oil flow out of mine. Really freaks a guy out when he's starting a bike that has been sitting for an extended length of time, and oil starts gushing out of the air cleaner, when you are trying to fire it up for the first time/
I'm still leaning toward guage,, I'm thinking a vent would make the gears loose sucktion and oil drafting would stop....... Very interesting, let us know when you find out ! !