shorter jiffy stand needed.

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by 08Ultra, Mar 20, 2011.

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    In need of a shorter jiffy stand for a 2009 883L. My best half has some inseem limitations (5 Foot). She took the 883L, had progressive's lowering springs put in the front forks and relocation brackets on the rear shocks. She now can "flat foot" with bent knees. My concern is the bike is almost fully upright when on the stand. If she ever parks in a line of bikes and hers gets tapped it will go over and so will those next to her. Have tried a couple of after market stands but the are not any shorter or more angled than stock. Did not have any luck searching the site for a possible solution.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated cause when mom is happy everyone is happy.
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    Some help from Glider below. Welcome to the forum. Self-help and search section of forum has a ton of great information. Enjoy.

    For those that have lowered there bikes the side stand now keeps the bike too upright and can easily fall over to the right if it is bumped.
    There are manufacturers that make a shorter version of the stand and also wedges available for softail models that can be used with the original setup to change the angle of the stand. Custom Chrome and Bikers choice are only a a few vendors for the wedge.

    These are mostly for softails, touring bikes require a different approach with a stand replacement.

    Side stand angle plate


    Pro 1 Kickstand Angle Plate For Softails Allows Proper Angle For Lowered Bikes. - cc-65303

    See if this attachment works (also from glider)
    There are manufacturers that make a shorter version of the stand for non softail models and also wedges available for the softail bikes on the net that can be used with the original setup to change the angle of the stand. Custom Chrome is one vendor for the wedge.

    Side stand angle plate - Shop sales, stores prices at
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    If you're handy with a cutting wheel and welder....well, anything's possible then. It would barely cost anything, and you could shorten it, orchange the angle, or do anything to it. Then, when you're done, spray it down with a little flat black, just like stock. A heck of a lot cheaper than buying another one, and you could get it set so it's perfect for you.

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    Thanks to those who offered some ideas, the items avaiable from various vendors and companies will not work. The '09 XL883L comes wiht a 7 inch jiffy stand and it seems that is the shortest on the market. So today I dropped the bike with a coustem builder for a fab up of a new stand, will see how that works out.
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    What about heating it and bending it? Not sure it would need to be re hardened but that is not hard either.

    Map gas torch and big bench vice. Heat and bend a little, quench with light oil and then try it out, repeat until you have what you want. You may have to re bend the skid plate to comp the shaft bend.
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    OR find a good welder cut stand to desired length and reweld foot back onto shaft..
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    If it doesn't work, I have one very cheap. My 883 was lowered when I bought it. I brought it back up and it leaned way too far for me, so I put a stock one back on.
    Just let me know if you want it.
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    Do this with the stand removed from the bike after you make your measurements
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    It was a tough Monday, thank you for the great laugh! :bigsmiley12:

    "Remove from bike" just hit me as funny! Falls in with the Claymore label "this side to enemy" and the sign at the dealer over the octane boost "not for human consumption" :newsmile071:

    Her bike is at a builders shop now, The stock 7 inches does not leave much room to cut so they are looking at changing how far forward the stand drops or making a new one that is shorter.

    Thanks fo rall the good advice, will post up something once it comes home.