Short Windshields

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by buck484, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. buck484

    buck484 Active Member Contributor

    Hi All, I've been noticing alot of these short windshields going down the road. Am I missing something? How happy is everyone with these? Just wondering, Thanks
  2. Bud White

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    when i was trying to set up the fairing i put on my RKC the windshield they sent was a shorty and terrible .. I see a bunch on the road to and wonder same thing what am i missing
  3. pawpawsoftail

    pawpawsoftail New Member

    Hey guys, I have a quick release windshield on my '99 Softail and when I installed it I looked through it. It was great until the Sun got down low in the West or a car came at me at night and I was blinded. I took a dremel tool and a cut off wheel and cut it down to where it is about chin to mouth high and it is great. It still seems to do the same as far as wind block but I can see much better, and the tall one was also bad in a hard rain, the cut down version still works fine in the rain. Don't know if this kinda answers the question you had, if not sorry for wasting your time.
    Have a good one.
  4. 03classic

    03classic Junior Member

    I went from a 12" to a 6" because I wanted some air on me in the summer months.Its also tall enough to give protection .When the weather gets cooler I ewitch back.
  5. STEVE07

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    I have the stock 12'' that I use to go to the lake when bug season is at its highest or when it is cold. I use a 6''windvest for riding below 75mph. after that the wind trys to take your helmet off. I cut a stock windshield to 9'' and recurved it myself that one is my favourite so far,but I wanted a smoke so when a member of the forum offered an 8'' clearview smoke recurve for sale I bought it,now if it ever quits raining here I will get to try it.
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  6. captkirkis

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    Got a Dark smoke 8" on my Electra Glide Classic, and love it. Been told you need to be looking over your windshield, not thru it. I couldn't agree more. The stock one on mine was too tall, couldn't see at dusk, night, or dawn, not too mention when its covered in bugs. I'm 5'11", and this one lets the air gently hit my face, but still stops most bugs, rain and stuff, get an occasional juicy one, but thats ok IMO. Anyone out there with a "glide" google fastaire Got mine from them, almost 2 years ago, and love it! Best 30 bucks I spent on my bike!
  7. jwoo1800

    jwoo1800 Member

    Just threw a 6" smoked one from Cee Bailey on my 08 Ultra. The factory one sat right at eye level had to stretch to see over or duck to see through. The 6" is alot nicer for riding around town had it up to 70 or so without noticable helmet buffet but it's probably to low for rain protection. Thinking about getting an 8-9" for road trips.
  8. B-1B_Guy

    B-1B_Guy Junior Member

    Personally, I don't like looking through the shield. I prefer to look just over the top. I put an 8" Clearview Recurve on my Ultra and it was just a touch too short. I ended up with a 9" Recurve and it is the cat's meow. IMO it looks good and it kicks the wind up over my head. Great product and I picked it up for $75 as it had a slight blemish.....very slight.
  9. wildman9

    wildman9 Active Member

    I put a 9" smoked clearview recurve on my 09 FLHTC and it is much better than the stock one. I now look over the windshield not through it and the recurve throws the wind up over the top of my helmet, so no buffeting.
  10. buck484

    buck484 Active Member Contributor

    Thanks everyone, Seems just about every one likes the 9" model. Where do you measure that from? Top of triple tree? Thanks for all the help