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Shopping for footpegs


I'm looking for some footpegs to install on my crashbars on my roadglide.Skull, flames and that sort of thing are'nt really important to me.Did anyone buy a pair they really liked?
The best I have ever had were ones called switchblades. I think they were from KuryAkyn. They were really neat, in that they had a section that flipped out and you could rest your heel on it. It has a ridge on the back, acting like a heel stop. It makes for a very comfortable ride.
I'm gonna fall in line with the rest and also recommend the Kuryakyn pegs.

I've had stuff from them in the past and it's always been great quality and heavy-duty hardware.

I currently have the Kuryakyn adjustable passenger pegs on my Road King and could not be happier with them.