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    Here again I throw myself on the mercy of the "court".

    I am in the process of making my FXR fit me and I wish to install lowered rear shocks and replace the stock original seat with a low profile one that will work for the occasional long ride.

    I had a mustang vintage on my '06 SG and loved it but I'm looking for a lower silhouette now. I can't find anything with original shock length's to use as a guide and I've looked at so many seats that my head is swimming. How do I measure shock length ? ( eye to eye ) or whatever.

    I see the lePera "bare bones" and love the look for around $180 in J & P, but will I get butt burn within the hour or what ? I am hoping to stay around $200 or less for the seat and the same for the shocks.

    Awaiting rescue by the HDT Forum.
  2. ultrat

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    Yes i am sure eye to eye on shocks on seat maybe give mean city cycles a call. just reinvent your old seat for height,,