shock proof heavy?

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    I keep reading about shockproof heavy on here, is it different than the Redline V-Twin transmission oil with shockproof that I have been using?
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    One in the same Good Stuff

    Red Line Synthetic Oil - V-Twin Transmission Tech: A Better Idea Than Using Motor Oil in Your Transmission
    here is more info for you
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    good to know, thanks.
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    Really quieted shifts down alot, neutral much easier to find. This is on a brand new 2010 FatBoy.

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    If you want the SCOOP on what i got .... Label change is what it is about.

    I called Dave at Redline When The V-TWIN labels were First being used by Redline..

    Checking to Compare what I have used on their "Regular Labeled Products", for my bikes over the years.. to their New V-Twin Label...

    ASKING him about the New V-Twin Label???

    Dave answered :

    They felt that Redline was missing a lot of the NEWER Crowd, as Most Other oil companies Put Out a V-TWIN label of some sort.. To Capture the Motorcycle crowd..

    I asked about the NEW label on their Products COMPARED to what I have used over the Years???? (old label)

    He ASKED ME, IF I had any problems using their "Regular Labeled Product" ??

    NO was my answer. And His was "SO"...............

    The LABLED FOR V-TWIN comes with ADDED COST... Some MINOR changes like More anti wear in the 20/60.

    Their 20/60, I used to order by the case for Az. NOW was a whopping 3 $$$ more, BECAUSE it stated V-TWIN on a new label and bottle.. I went back using their 20/50 Blue label as I never had a Heat problem requiring the 60 nor felt the added More anti wear was needed.

    I use the Shockproof Heavy and BUY it in the OLD Pink label and it is the same product I have used for Years and I don't need a special Label on it to say for V-Twin use..

    Also notice on the V-Twin label (I use MTL) now saying V-Twin Primary/clutch lube.. Wet Clutch Approved.

    Again, I don't Need the Label so I stick with the OLD Label and save a few $$$$ when I purchase... Big Yellow Letters on label "MTL"

    I 'm one that has always BOSTED their products as I have Had the Best Protection when using Them..

    I will commonly state about their Shockproof Heavy for the Tranny:

    Never Ever Any Metal on magnetic plug "NEVER-EVER" True...

    I have used Redline in their Regular Label.....Using Redline Products in all of my Many bikes over the Years and I wouldn't Change to another product...

    Some Have asked about the MTL I used in my Primary/Clutch..

    I have put on 117,000 miles on an Original Clutch in My 2ooo FXDS
    (still working good when traded off).. Bike always had a big engine in it and also changed out to a Rev-Tech 6 speed Gear Set using Red Shockproof Heavy REG. LABEL in that bike Putting over 60,000 on that 6 speed gear set.

    20/50 Redline (blue label) engine
    MTL (YELLOW) for the primary
    Shockproof Heavy (pink label) for the tranny

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    Mines full of Red Line too!Only,it says the 20/50 can be used also in the primary,and thats where I put it.The US gallon pot has enough for the engine and the primary,with a little left over for case lub when I reload.Never had clutch slip or any other problems associated with oils in the primary,and saved myself a few quid on a special(un-neccessary in MHO!)3rd oil for my primary.But,advice on this forum is ignored at your peril,so go with what youre told in the first incidence,and evolve your own opinion after that.