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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Markie, Apr 21, 2009.

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    Hi everyone!

    I own a 1994 FXDWG for 2 moths now, and I noticed that when I shift from second to third gear there is too much noise, and you can feel on your toe that the gear is searching it's way into the next gear...
    The rest shifts OK, it's only from second to third...:(

    Can I adjust something to make this work better...??? Or is it a bigger problem?

    Clutch free play on the tranny is 1/2 turn back, and on the lever the normal free play.

    Exuse my English, since I'm a Dutchman..(but I do my best!)

    Thanks a lot for any answer!:D
  2. glider

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    Harelys are noisy when shifting through the gears normally, if you feel it's excessive then maybe an adjustment is needed for the shifter forks inside the top cover. If you don't have a manual, I would suggest getting one before you try this.
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    Welcome to the Forum. Lots of great info here in the various sections, and in the heads of your fellow members. When you have a problem or questions about your bike, check out the Self-help pages. Tons of stuff there.

    The company I work for has operations in Delden. So the Dutch thing is not a problem!!

    Couple of quick points. First, it sounds like you have adjusted your clutch recently. Great. If you have not done so, make sure your primary chain tensioner is also adjusted correctly.

    Next, fluids. I strongly suggest a full synthetic gear lube for your tranny. I assume you have the OEM 5-spd. This tranny with its straight cut gears only needs a GL-1 lube, but why not put a GL-5 in. Can't hurt, and the cost difference is negligible. Based on being in The Netherlands, you may want to run a 75W90 gear lube based on the temps. But if you ride around Europe much and venture down to the warmer temps. during the Summer, it might be prudent to go with a 75W110 or 75W140 lube. Again, full synthetic gear lube. I switched to the Spectro 6-spd 75W140 in my tranny after I installed the 6-spd, and was VERY pleasantly surprised at how much difference it made.

    In the primary, run Formula + from HD or Spectro Primary.

    Change all your fluids at least annually regardless of mileage. It's cheap insurance!!

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    I had the same prob from 1st to 2nd on an fxwdg. Harley place wanted 1600 to crack open the tranny. I took it to a local mechanic and he called me 5 minutes later laughing cause it was just a spline broken on the shift lever. We replaced it with a steel shifter for $40 bucks. No more problems.