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Discussion in 'Transmission' started by 90FXRS, Apr 24, 2019.

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    Working on a 2013 Street glide. It has roughly 51k miles. The clutch is new, Rivera Primo ProClutch, it has a Hayden tensioner as well. The gap on the tensioner shoe is suppose to 3/8", it is a light 5/16". When going from neutral to first, sometimes it's a click and sometimes it's a clunk. I thought the Hayden was a remedy for the clunk. Also the bike moves forward when ever so slightly when going into first. when it shifts through the gears there is a slight clank, clunk as well. The cable has been adjusted per the method in the self-help section on this site. The compensator is tight. Anyone have any advise?
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    The forward movement of the bike when put into gear indicates the clutch is dragging. Even with a correctly adjusted clutch, the oil between the plates causes "stickion", especially when cold. Some people use a lighter viscosity oil. Nothing I have ever read since Harley forums were invented, eliminates the "Clunk" entirely.
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    Try what Pete suggested, you may want to back off the friction point just a tad on the clutch adjustment as well.
    You'll never completely eliminate the dreaded Harley clunk, I use Redline shock proof in the tranny and it seems to have made it much better.
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    Hold the clutch in for a few seconds when cold before selecting first as the cold thick oil takes a wee bit of time to be thrown off the clutch plates once engine warm and the oil more fluid then it will be thrown clear straight away

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    As Jeff says the klunk is never eliminated but it is made better using Redline Shockproof
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