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    I work for a Harley Dealership as a tech. Within the last month Ive had 2 2007 touring bikes in for abnormal vibration in powertrain. The last one was just at the dealership 50 miles away where i used to work. The customer has been complaining about something making the bike vibrate more than usual since he purchased the bike new. The other dealership tells him that nothing is wrong and sends him on his way. Ive got history records on the bike and numerous rubber isolators have been changed, none helping the issue. I didnt even have to take the bike out of the parking lot and i could tell something was definetly wrong. Tore it down and .020" runout on the pinion shaft. The bike i replaced flywheels on a few weeks ago had .018" and the new S.E. replacement flywheels had .006" when i measured after assembling the cases. This one that is on the lift now, im going to try to talk the customer into sending the new flywheel out to be trued and welded. Why not? Its good insurance for the long run, and might as well do it now while apart. Would only cost cust whatever it costs to have it done. (im guessing 200.00) + his 50 dollar deductable from ESP (extented service plan).

    Ive heard of a company called darkhorse that provides this service. Anyone else know of anyone.

    Thanks JD
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    Darkhorse is the one you want. John is a great guy to talk to.

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    IF I ever have this problem on MY 09 FLHR, I would get it done right... Pin an Weld then trued..

    I find My bike really a pleasure to own and ride... I Find NONE of the WORRYS with my bike,,,,,,, IF ANY problem appears, I will deal with it at that time...

    I would have to agree with Smitty's FRUSTRATION on the False Worry that many have and the many SPREAD about a pretty good bike HD makes..

    YES there are a FEW problems with modifications from HD each model year and a FEW parts that I would like to see Built Tougher but so far I've Only had GOOD results..

    Lots more bike today than 25/40 years ago..(my dates used)

    I remember WHEN going to sturgis was a real challenge for the motor cycle and Rider,,,, Now it is a challenge for the trailer and motor-home Pulling the bike that has most of the problems...

    I blew a motor on my MH and had Only the bike to make it the rest of the way to the rally AND it did FINE..(many rides to Sturgis both ways Never a Bike problem.)

    Gotta remember for each HD bike with a problem there are a LOT MORE HD's without...

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    All the bikes i have replaced flywheels have been 2007s with less than 20k miles.The one ive got now has 15k miles. I remember when the 2007s first came out, it was spring rally 07. A SE 110 road king came in clackin away. Oil pump in pieces. it had over .045" at less than 3000 miles. Factory rep had me pull the motor and they had a new 110 in a crate the next morn i got there.
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    I am not worried and have no issues, in fact I hope my motor does blow up, I will pay the 50. 00 and have peace of mind:s Love my ESP, and I agree with Bubbie and Smitty, I think for the most part H D builds a good machine, and the R and d says so, JMO Capital Jack
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    Smitty to answer your question, Ive seen it on both 96ci and 110ci. Pretty sure they share the same flywheel assembly
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    They use the same flywheels just diff jugs

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    well we went from the spring loaded tensioner problem to the crankshaft run-out problem.........the spring loaded tensioner worried me so much i upgraded to hydraulic tensioners and my spring loaded ones had very very little wear on them 23k but now i don't worry......

    well i think if you have a 07&up and do not abuse will give you great service ....if you plan on redlining it every time you ride....get the pin welded
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    Revolution Performance, R&R cycle are a couple that come to mind.
    Machine Shop Services
    Updated 07 - up true, weld, plug & inspect 4-019 $215.00

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    T-Man Performance does the crank service as well. I paid an extra $350 for my 131 Jim's motor for the service, they refer to it as "Race Crank" after hearing of someone's 131 scissored crank. It is worthwhile to do and a smoother motor after. It's really to bad the Moco doesn't do this for us so we do what we have to for the peace of mind.