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    Hey everyone, 04 Deuce 5speed trans. 8600 miles. I've had the bike for three years now, and feel that shifting from neutral to first has always been a little rough. to be a little more specific, when I pull in the clutch and push down on the shifter lightly to go into first it does not want to go smoothly. You can feel and hear the " rattle " of the gears. I have to "tap" down on the shifter to go into first and there is most always a "clunk". I've tried a couple of differet oils. HD syn 3, spectro heavy duty, and now HD formula+ in the primary. HD syn 3, Mobil1, Spectro heavy duty plat., and now back to Modil1 in the tranny. I have adjusted the clutch , and checked primary with a ruler ( 3/4 of an inch of travel). Would it be worth trying to tighten up the primary a little? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Mike.
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    Going from neutral into a gear really should be easy. If the clutch is out of adjustment or the primary oil level is higher than normal, that will only cause a loud clank to be heard but it should NOT be hard to get it into gear. Adjustments and oil level will affect coming OUT of gear and into neutral & not the other way around.

    It almost sounds like a bind of some kind due to the lack of lubrication in the shift linkage. Some type of bind between the foot lever and the shift fork. Make sure all the pivot points of the linkage are smooth & lubed. Make Sure the shift lever at the gearbox is perpendicular to the throw rod. Could also be worn shift fork ears.
    It really should not be too serious of a problem to fix. In the past when you drained the gear box fluid, how did the magnet look.