Shift Shaft and shift lever problems

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by MIHDrider, Aug 4, 2008.

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    I do not know if this is the right place or not but here goes.

    I have an 05 Electra Glide and for the second time the toe shifter has "fallen". Anyone had this issue? Anyone had to replace the shift shaft and have an idea how much it is?

    I have swapped the levers once already and that was a temporary fix. Going to try and realign and tighten but heading to Milwaukee in 3 weeks and do not want problems on the road.

    Any advice?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. dangerdan

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    I dont have a clue but here goes.

    Is there a bolt that holds it in place ? Did it get loose ? Try loctite.
    Is the mounting hole the correct size for the shaft ?
    If there are serrations on the shaft, are they worn ? The shift lever should also be serrated.
    When you tighten the bolt, does it pull the lower half up ? There should be a slight gap. If there is no gap, it could result in a sloppy connection with the shaft.
    Did you torque it down as per the instructions ?
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    I have an '03. When you say that the toe shifter has "fallen" is it just that lever, or both toe and heel? In other words, is the problem really with the rear shift lever on the tranny? I have had a couple of those wear out since the lever metal is the sacrificial weak link rather than rounding off the splines on the shaft. If it is this rear lever, sorry bud, but you have to pull the inner primary to replace it!! Sux. Don't forget to use lots of RTV on the three rear standoffs and on those bolts when remounting the inner primary.

    If it is only the toe shift lever "falling", look at both the inside splines on the lever, and the splines on the front shifter shaft. If either are worn, replace that part. Hope it is this. Much easier to fix.

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  4. MIHDrider

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    Thanks for the advice. Got it apart and fortunately was not the shaft bit only the lever. PPut on a new lever and good as new. Thanks again