Shift lever removal.

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by drake, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. drake

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    I'm trying to remove the shift lever on my sisters' 883 to reposition it. the lever feels like it doesn't want to come off the splines after loosening the allen bolt. Is there a tried and true way of removing the lever without using heat?
  2. glider

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    REMOVE the bolt completely. The shaft is notched so that the bolt will hold it on unless it is completely removed.
  3. theklanchXL1200N

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    When you want a shifter to come off, they won't, and when you don't they are all loose. My ATV which is a Honda 400EX with a bunch of motor work but it's shifter is always loose. Same setup as a sportster, so part of my pre ride checks is to tighten the shifter. I sometimes almost jump on that shifter though.

    But to remove a shifter from a sporty I would say loosen the allen bolt and shoot some PB Blaster in it and maybe try wiggling the shifter lever itself with the allen loose. When I changed my 1200N over to forwards, the lever for the mids came right off.

    I have never had the problem you are referring to specifically, but I don't think it isn't something you can handle with a little patience. Worse case, you will mess up the splines on the lever they are softer than the shaft coming out of the trans.

    Good luck let us know what you come up with......

    After reading what Glider posted, yes you do need to remove the bolt completely, I forgot about that detail, it won't go anywhere without removing the bolt....
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  4. drake

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    Thanks alot guys, took the allen haed bolt out and the lever came right off!