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Shift Arm Linkage


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Reading through some forums, one thing I see constantly is the stock shift rod ball ends breaking and coming apart mostly on baggers but it does happen on other models as well.

I feel the reason it happens on baggers more frequently is because of the two shift pegs and the forces exerted on the rear one when riders apply more down force with the heel of their foot to shift.

A wise thing to carry with you is some nylon zip ties so you can reattach the joint and keep it in place to get you home. The zip ties take little room and are a very useful thing to have with you for all kinds of repairs. You can easily attach a few ties to the bike itself in a place where they would not be obvious in case of emergency.

After the broken joint is zip tied, it will get you home with no problems but I recommend replacing the shift rod with one of the heim end units that will last much longer than the stock piece. They are available in many designs from the dealer and also aftermarket suppliers.

Be aware that the ends do come in a set that have one left and one right handed thread so the adjustment can be made without unbolting the entire rod to do it.
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I have a replacement shift linkage, but no the bolts for it. Harley shop says they do not sell the bolts separately. Any idea as to size and type so I can go to the local bolt company to get what I need.