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She's Home!!!


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Picked up the Sportster today. After spending 3 months in captivity with a bunch of metrics, I'm happy to report she doesn't have an accent. Fired up immediately and runs like new. (Well, with only 1400 miles on her, she is pretty new.) The garage owner said she was the last bike put away in the fall and the first one out this spring. Go figure...

Hopefully the storms will pass by and this Sunday will be good riding weather! Can't wait! :bigsmiley24::bigsmiley24::bigsmiley24:
Congrats! Have some fun. I know the feeling My tours over April 25th and I can hardly wait for my 30 day R&R to get in the wind.
Glad shes home Sharky and I hope you get to spend some quality time together soon.
Glad to have her back I bet, I started mine up the other day...:)
It was close to getting out, but I didn't figure taking it out at night for the first ride of the year would be the smartest move on my part! Congratulations again Sharky.
Sure Sharky, you get your ride out of winter storage and it hasn't stopped raining yet!:bigsmiley20: