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she is a leaking

dont know if there is a old post on this or not . still a lil lost in the sight on where to find old post and stuff like that so ill say sorry if there is . ... I went out to start my baby up today and saw oil on the floor. its driping from what i think is the sending unit in the front of the motor . is this a normal place for a leak ? and should i put a wrench to it ? does it need thread tape on it to seal it ? i cant think right now as im still tryin to fig out all the info i just read 4 times over about oil in a old post . lol lord help me i dont know my primary from my trany :cry
If you can see that the oil is coming from the part where it threads into the engine, check it to see if it is tight. Is it possible that the sender itself is leaking? Thread sealant wouldn't be a bad idea if it is loose and then reinstall it .
I had the same problem on my 03 1200 sportster. The oil was leaking "thru" the sending unit, not around it. The part only cost about $7, but between me and all my friends, we could not find a wrench or socket that would work. From what I understand, Harley made a "special" socket for this. Had to go to the dealer and around $50 bucks to have it changed.
You can get a wrench from the NAPA or other auto stores in your area for about $7 to remove that sensor. If you're not sure here, remove the old one with channel lock pliers and take the new one to the auto part store to get the proper wrench to fit it.