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shaking electraglide


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hi thinking of purchasing a 90 model electra glide...i had a mate test ride it for me as it is located 7 hours from me...he said it went well ...excellerated great,felt nice and tight ,but he said it shaked(vibrated) only when he backed off the throttle , he also told me it did it when it was coasting downhill,,he pulled in the clutch and it stopped shaking...any ideas or input would be great.....cheers.
It's a rubber mount engine, is your friend use to that fact?

If the shaking is in excess, it could be a bad engine mount.
Check to see what the exhaust is hitting on deceleration.Check the front engine mount,that's a common failure.You can gently pry on the engine and see what's contacting what.I stress gently.
I have a 1990 Electraglide and it does shake a little more on decel than when on throttle. I think it's normal. I installed new auto primary chain tensioner and it made the whole ride much smoother but the new bikes with the Isolated Drive are so much smoother.
hey thanks for the input so far .... the engine mounts seem ok..... this will be my first harley so im trying to cover all bases....i apreciate everyones help ...cheers.