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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bah rk, Jan 9, 2009.

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    Hi all,

    I finally made up my mind and i'll go for the street glide, but now, the dealer gave me 2 deals as i am going to trade in my 2005 road king custom (for $16,315), the first deal is on a 2008 street glide, the deal is to give my old bike plus paying them $2900.
    The 2009 street glide deal is the same but i should pay $8200, i know all the changes that have bean made to the 2009 SG.
    Any one can advice??? keep in mind that im going to have the BUB "7" True Dual exhaust systems and that's mean no changes in the exhaust system for me....
    we only have one dealer in Bahrain, so cant find any other deals, both with ABS and Cruise cont., both are the color i want (vivid black), i am planning to keep the bike for min 3 years.
    i usually ride 3-4 times a week (7 months a year) and each ride is about 2-3 hrs (Bahrain is small :p).
    i hope i cleared it from my side...
    so what do you advice now??
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    I usually tend to go for the newer one... BUT $2900.00 difference for the 08 sounds like a deal.... keep it a year and then buy an 09 for maybe another 3000.00 when the 2010 come out and then you would still have the latest.
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    Are they both "new?" In other words, untitled and "no" miles?

    I hate to sound like I'm oversimplifying this but it would seem to be pretty straightforward. If money's not a big concern, by all means get the 2009. If you're really worried about the money side of it, get the 2008. Don't ever forget that the purchase of the bike is just the beginning - but we all know that, right?
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    I had a similar situation come up with my 07 EGC when it was in for the 25K mile service I was told that I could trade it in for 8K plus my bike on a 09 UGC or $4500 on a 08 UGC But I went down the road and paid $6500 plus my bike on a 09 And I DO NOT REGRET IT


    Ride them both and see the differance and decide if the differance in cash outlay is worth it

    It was a no brainer for me

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    Havent had the pleasure of riding an 09 yet but I do own an 08.That said I absolutly love my 08.One of their big improvements for 09 was the exhaust dispursing heat better.If youre putting true duals on youre already addressing the 08's heat problems.Another is the 09 frame fixing the rear end cornering problem.As I havent had or noticed any rear end problem Im still not clear on what they fixed other than creating an entirely new and more expensive warehouse to service our cultures need for insanely overpriced aftermarket accesories.I guess this comes down to what will a future trade in be worth.At a savings of almost 5k on the 08 Id say thats the long term winner.
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    yes I will agree on the over priced after market things.
    The MoCo sure has it way of ripping us off. I guess that's where the chinese made parts come in
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    I was just layed off by a large Chinese computer company. My thoughts are leave that Chinese crap on the shelf and buy american !!!! Even if it is over priced the quality is 100 times better....
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    I wish it were that easy :( pay attention to what you buy and you'll find that it's hard to find some things that "aren't" mad in China.:bigsmiley19: Even at the H.D. Shop.:27: I do my best not to buy Chinese at all, but every once in awhile I slip up and see something neat on the shelf, buy it with out checking, get home then remember to turn it over and see "MADE IN CHINA" :(

    Sorry you got laid off, good luck in your new job search.:s