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Setting Idle On MM Systems


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You should make sure the throttle cables are not hanging up, are lubed properly and the throttle is closing all the way, and the throttle return spring is OK. If all this checks out:

I'm assuming you have Magnetti Morelli EFI. If so:

1. Remove your right saddlebag and side cover.
2. Remove air cleaner assembly
3. Start the bike and make sure it is at normal operating temp.

You Need A Tach For This Part:

4. Adjust the hot idle to 950/1050 rpm.
5. Unplug the temp sensor.

Your bike now thinks it's cold!

6. Set the cold idle to 1500rpm
7. Shut the bike off.
8. Remove the 5 and 15 amp fuses from the fuse block which is on the side you took the cover off of.
9. Plug the cold sensor connector back in.
10. Replace the air cleaner assembly.
11. Wait at least 30 minutes, then replace the 2 fuses
12.Replace the side cover.
13. Replace the saddlebag.

When you restart your bike, the ECM should remember the new idle settings you did .

A different way of doing the above mentioned that I found if you have no luck with setting it...

This describes a method to set cold and hot idle speed on Magneti-Morelli EFI systems.

First, when it comes to setting cold idle, the service manual leads you down a path of frustration. This is a very simple and effective way of adjusting it. If you start the engine stone cold and it idles below 1200 rpm (after it stabilizes) then turn the cold idle screw (in linkage, on the side that rotates with the throttle plates) in. If it's over 1300 rpm, then turn the screw out (therefore, set cold idle speed at 1200 rpm for TC-88's)It's that easy . Also, to guarantee that the idle will be recognized by the ECM, run the bike until it's fully warmed up, turn the hot idle (in the throttle body, forward of the front intake, near the bottom) up to 1200 rpm, shut off the ignition and pull the 5 amp fuse (in the fuse holder on the ECM bracket), run a lead from the cold (relay) side of the 5 amp socket to ground. Let it sit for 15 minutes or longer if practical, then put the fuse back in and warm it back up, turn it back down to 1000. Works like a charm.

The Magnetti Morelli was used on baggers from 96-01 never on Softails.
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The Delphi is used on the Softails and all '02 and later baggers.
what exhaust do you have and have you checked for any leaks in the system?

i have the kerker slip on's with minkuney baffles.they have been on the bike since new in 1999.
I checked for leaks and retightened all exhaust clamps.
It did not pop untill i increased the idle.
Also when the bike was new i had the 95 kit installed with 204 se cams.
Also when i put the idle back to 850-900 the pop goes away but the idle is too low.
Thanks for the help
the cold idle is set with the engine hot, and the fuse only needs do be pulled for 5 mins, once the ecm has forgotten the old idle set speed its not gonna forget it more by leaving it for half an hour