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Servicing Air Shocks


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Quite often when the air shocks are removed from the bike and stored lying on their side without the air line plugged, the oil leaks out and the shocks become useless.

After some searching, I found that in the rear air shocks it's 5 wt oil in them and each one holds 328 cc or 11.09 ounces. Some have opted to change the oil to a 10 wt and others to a 15 wt and have found the 15 wt to be a bit harsh on the ride.

To get it in there takes a bit of work but Make sure that there is no oil left in there first.

I had a helper and we compressed the shocks in an inverted position to make sure they were empty a few times.

After this, I used a syringe and picked up the pre measured oil and found that it will only accept the oil after the shock is first compressed completely and then inject the oil as the shock is extended. Naturally, you must inject the oil with the shock in the upright position to be effective.

We did this more as an experiment but it worked out very well and to date, they have been in service working well for quite a while now.

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