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    I just bought a new 2011 CVO Street Glide with a factory 110 motor. Have always used standard 20/50 oil. Being told to use the new syn oil on the 110 motor as this is the oil it comes with from the factory. The owners manual says the service interval is every 5k. I have always changed my oil every 2.5k. With the extra cost of syn oil should I still change the oil every 2.5K or is it ok to wait and go 5K between changes? Also, I always change the transmission and primary every 5k but with syn oil can I go 10K as stated in the owners manual?
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    Depending how much you ride. If riding a lot then 5,000 mile interval is fine and if doing service yourself change all three oils and lube steering. If not change 3 oils once a year. If cost is not a factor the more maintenance done,will never hurt, and the bike will thank you.
    Great choice of new bike.

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    While service intervals and lubricant have improved quite a bit over the years, the real deal is it "depends" on what type of "rough" duty schedule you need to follow based on your riding style. If you do short trips, and it is your daily is likely you do not get your bike up to full operating temperature to purge the system of moisture and unburned internal combustion by products which end up diluting and contaminating oils faster, for example. In that cse you should change more often say half 3,000 miles or 6 months (if prior to winter storage, this works out well so you have fresh oil in there prior to the start of the next riding season). As others may change often, the reality is using quallity Synthetic oil and lube is key, MOCO has already done the long term studies and picked their recommendations...and your test "lab" is not so well equipped.
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    Double-check your owners manual. Believe, first service is at 1k miles. All oils changed at this time. Syn3 is 20w-50 oil, but better and cheaper oils are available. Then every service is 5k...usually just engine oil.. Tranny and primary is again done at either 10k or 20k....
    Personnally, I changed all three holes every 5k and use Amsoil 20w-50 in Engine and Primary and 75-110w Gear Oil in the tranny and never any issues.

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