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May 31, 2005

Screamin’ Eagle® Pro EFI Race Tuner

If you are having an issue programming an ECM with the EFI Race Tuner when you are out
at the track here are some helpful tips to use:
• Verify that the VIN number stored in the ECM exactly matches the motorcycle. If it is
incorrect the EFI Race Tuner will not program the ECM.
• If the motorcycle had a stage calibration downloaded before the EFI Race Tuner was
to be installed it may interfere with the programming. In which case you should reflash
the ECM with a stock calibration using digital technician. The exception to this would
be the chargeable CVO calibrations; these should not interfere with the program.
• Verify that you are downloading the correct calibration for the ECM. The 2001 – 2004
ECM’s use maps that start with 105….., the 2005 ECM calibrations start with 127…..
• If contacting Technical Service for help please have the following information available
at time of call….Vehicle Vin #, S.E. Race Tuner software Version, File # you are trying
to install, and all information on the Get ECM info screen.
And Remember . . .
Harley-Davidson motorcycles modified with Screamin’ Eagle® Pro EFI Race Tuner must not
be used on public roads and in some cases may be restricted to closed course competition.
Performance parts identified with the crossed flags symbol in our literature are intended for
racing applications only and are not legal for sale or use in California on pollution-controlled
vehicles. Alterations of emission related components constitutes tampering under the US
EPA guidelines and can lead to substantial fines and penalties.
HELP--HELP!!!!-trying to download new program using sert-nothing happens other than it displays my vin # and current calibration number---It says in bold "must calibrate module first"---I already went through that step---plz help --application is XL1200C carb
SERT Part # is 32124-04--Application software HM11A150--current download in bike 32819-04.90.2--selected upgrade calibration is 32124-04.131.0