September is the best!

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by whacko, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. whacko

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    Glad September is here in New England! Temps in the low 50's this morning for the ride to work! Leaving the house it is still dark.....slight chill in the air. Put the mesh touring jacket deeper into the hall closet and pulled out the leather one. Thought about getting the full face out....but it is not that cool yet so pulled on the head sock under the 1/2 helmet. Firing up the bike it just sounds different for some reason......not bad or good.....just different. Let it idle for a little longer to warm up.......kick it in gear and its off to work. Little bit of a chill coming through the leather and through my jeans that makes me sit tighter to the bike to feel the heat from the motor. The engine runs "tighter" on mornings like this.....the slightest nick of the throttle and she just takes off! After 40 minutes on the highway I'm feeling the chill now but just thinking of how the ride home in the sun is going to be awesome. Just as I think of the sun it rises over the trees for the first good stretch and I can feel it warming the leather and my back! God I love riding in September!!!!!
  2. R_W_B

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    Hats off to you Wacko and everyone north of the love bugs. But September for Florida means 2 things. Not quite the end of the heat and hurricane season and the fall return of the month long visit from love bugs.

    For me October is my favorite month.
  3. hammerhead pat

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    I rode over to St.Augustine( for lunch) today and left the house at 6. It was gorgeous on the ride over. The ride back, not so much. Still cookin' at 2pm
  4. masher

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    I love September too here in Colorado. We went from 95-100 degree days to 70-75 degree days, and cool nights which makes sleeping much nicer. Riding is fantastic as well, not too hot and not cold. Perfect riding weather!
  5. Iceman24

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    Yes, summer has been quite "toasty" here in NE and this latest cool-down was quite welcome. Not much air relief when riding in 100+ degree/99% humidity weather. Thanks for fall, but not looking forward to winter...:(
  6. horizonchaser

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    Right you are Whacko! I live in Mass. too and when I got out of work this afternoon I do what I frequently do when the weather is this nice, I take the long way home. Like 50 miles long way home!:s
  7. Jack Klarich

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    Whaco , you guys up North are in your prime riding season , I miss the changing of the colors of the trees Ride safe and enjoy the cool mornings:s
  8. jimwis

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    Northeast riding is great when you get away from the traffic.
    Love to get lost and try to slowly find my way home.Great day trips Western Ma.,Nh,Vermont and my favorite I think is Maine.
    Oh heck they are all great!
    I haven't done it in years but next year a week long camping (and I am getting one of those Oregon bedrolls)trip to Baxter State forest in Maine......Lions,tigers and bears Oh My!.......Well bears and moose at least.

    You can actually see satelites with the naked eye at night thats how wilderness it is.
    And the majestic Mt.Katahdin.
  9. DakotaRob

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    Ditto... this time of year around these parts is perfect, and so far, September has been flawless! :)
  10. scottyguitar

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    You're right about September in Mass- in my opinion it is the most beautiful time of the year up there. I spent nearly 5 years living inside the 495 beltway from January, 2006 'till November, 2010. It was my favorite time to be there.

    I didn't have a bike then but, I gotta tell ya, I don't remeber going anywhere at any time when there wasn't a lot of traffic. Narrow two lane roads with no shoulders packed with cagers and bicycles no matter whether it was a weekday or weekend gave me pause when I was considering buying a motorcycle. Don't even get me started about driving on 128 or 495. As things turned out, I waited until I moved back south to get another bike.

    My hat's off to ya! Enjoy the great weather and be safe. :D