September 2 week Road Trip Tentative Route

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  1. ChiroRick

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    I'm in the beginning stages of planning a 15-16 day road trip for this coming September.

    Highlights of the trip will be:
    Denver, CO
    Moab, UT (Spending a full day there to rent a dual sport)
    Grand Canyon (full day there too)
    Vegas (sleeping off the hangover the next morning, so it'll be a late start that day)
    San Diego (full day here)
    Carlsbad Caverns (New Mexico)
    Austin, TX (Home of Stevie Ray Vaughan)

    This is a TENTATIVE route. I'll be mixing some backroads with interstate (to make good time). I plan on having each destination as a stopping point for the night, but not making any hotel reservations ahead of time. I'll just try to make as much mileage as I can, so I can take a few days rest from riding from point to point once I hit CO and AZ. I may just see where I get to, then have the bike shipped back from San Diego or something. We'll see what happens.

    This will be the longest road trip I've taken. Last trip I took was 2700 miles in 6 days. It was fun, but it felt like I was ticking off miles and not enjoying the trip as much as I would have liked to. This time should be different.

    Leeds, AL 35094 to Leeds, AL 35094 - Google Maps
  2. lorne

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    keep in mind when you are in west Texas things are booming and there is not much hotel room. they are very few and very far between, i have been in Ozona for 1 week and already talked to 2 bikers that were looking for a room and both had to ride and extra 100 miles at night. and those rooms were not for sure. enjoy your trip
  3. MrSleepy

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    Sounds like your in for some fun.. Besure and take a bunch of pics for us to see. I bet you can't wait.. { Have Fun} Tom
  4. ultradoc

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    I have been to Moab and the Grand canyon. Both very neat places. Oh and Vegas. Rented a Harley there a few years ago in the summer so be prepared for the heat!!