Sell it or Store it?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Merlynn, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Merlynn

    Merlynn Active Member

    I may be going to China on a 3 year contract. Not taking my bike with me. No one I trust that I can leave it here with.

    Bike is an 09 Ultra Classic, 11K miles, set up the way I like it. I will lose my shirt if I sell it because, as I said, I have paid big bucks to set it up the way I like it.

    So, if it was your bike, would you put it in long term storage thinking it's going to be a classic and the company will never make one so nice or sell it at a loss and buy a new one upon your return in 3 years thinking the company will only continue to make improvements?

    Or do you have a third solution?
  2. glider

    glider Veteran Member

    Preserve the bike properly for long term storage and forget about it being a classic over time, very few make it to that place in history unless it was a special model that was in limited production and even those don't appreciate in value like some things do.
  3. PeteINny

    PeteINny Active Member

    Sell it. The loss you will take paying for storage will negate the loss for selling it now. Letting it sit for 3 years might not be very good for it anyway. JMO
  4. R. Lewis

    R. Lewis Senior Member Retired Moderators

    3rd solution -- Bring it to my house and it can keep my 07 Ultra company while your on your venture!! HAHAHAH!!!!! :D
  5. sharpscuba

    sharpscuba Banned

    Or you could trust me with it and when you get back I will make sure that it has been very well taken care of. Seriously though I am not sure as to what I would do either as my bike is just the way I like it and someone else might not see it that way.
  6. hobo55

    hobo55 Active Member

    Store it and in 3 years you'll have a bike set up just the way you like it with only 11k on it. Maybe the new ones then will have so many restrictions on them you won't like them.
  7. jimharvey1

    jimharvey1 Junior Member

    Sell it. Yeah, you are going to take a loss, unless you can get someone to give you $XXX down and take over payments from the bank. It is NOT good for any machine to set up for that length of time. 3 years from now you'll have a 4 year old bike with 11K miles on it (pretty common) and will not only have taken the hit on depreciation but also stored the bike for 3 years, not to mention cost of putting the bike in long-term preservation. I'm sure in 2013 HD will have continued to make improvements and MAY even offer a WATER-COOLED ULTRA CLASSIC by then.
  8. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    If its paid for why not store it:D
  9. whatyardwork

    whatyardwork Banned

    The 1st thing that comes to my mind is insurance.Can you store it and drop everything except fire,theft and vandalism?If you have to keep full coverage and keep it registered (most insurers wont honor the policy if its not registered) , then that cost outweighs whatever loss you would take by selling it now.

    Secondly if your heart is set on keeping it, have you considered an extended waranty?I know its pricey but consider spending the extra now.Imagine coming home to a bike thats sat for 3 years and wont start.Just think how nice that 2 more years of factory waranty would be.
  10. futurerider

    futurerider Active Member

    Sell it. 3 years form now THAT set up might be all wrong for you anyway. Buy a new one when you return and set it up then. Tough decission. Good luck with what ever you decide.