seeking pressure problems oil seals leaking!

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    This is more or less for my father.
    He is having problems with his 1993 heritage soft tail evo engine HD.
    He had taken it in to get gasket's replaced & more or less to figure out what was the problem that caused the problem's in the first place.
    Guy told him gaskets just needed replacing but new gaskets & 400 mile's later back leaking.
    Problem area's of leaking gaskets = rocker arm box & understand the two probable don't have anything in common other then what could be pressure issue's but now head gasket is also leaking.
    The guy did do something I guess cause the base gasket is no longer leaking but rocker box back leaking.
    We think it's from some sort of pressure build up but not sure.
    I told him probable be best to go online and ask all the people possible..
    Thanks to all.
    Keep riding and watching out for granny pulling out.
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    Base Head and lower rocker gaskets on evo engines are fairly common failure areas
    Correct cylinder head torquing procedure with a pre load torque and then a 90 degree turn on the head bolts gives an even pressure on the head
    However the surfaces need to be clean and flat and the bike ridden with a wee bit of care till the engine is warm as the engine is not tight till fully warmed up due to the different expansion rates of the materials used in its makeup
    For the lower rocker gasket a clean flat surface and an updated thin metal 1 piece gasket has always worked for me the 2 piece paper gasket was never particularly good