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    I sold my 1974 Shovel yesterday to a 27 yr. old young gentleman. It was my first Harley and I bought it knowing it was a "project" bike. I bought it from my ex-wifes boyfriend. In some ways I think it was a way of her evening the score! I had it worked on by a local indy who told me "yer not riding (EDITED) anymore" and away I went the an ear to ear smile. I bought a shop manual and did as much as I felt comfortable with. I felt like I was leaving the bike with kidnappers when taking the bike to a shop because they never turn away business. Not to mention the shop charges that I could put towards goodies for the bike. Plus I had to repair the repairs made on some wiring done once when a dead short left me at the side of the road. I was able to do a roadside repair and then pick up some connectors and do it up right at home. Point is, I cut my teeth on this old hawg. Recently I bought a 99 Road King as I want to do some touring and can't afford to keep both bikes. I had really mixed feelings seeing this bike I owned for 10 years going down the road. It's his first Harley as well and I hope he loves it like I did...

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    It's like parting with an old friend. But then, he will love it as much as you did.
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    once you have put your heart and soul into a bike its very hard to say goodbye to them
    i have a 2 year rule if i haven't ridden it for 2 yrs except for mot test or to warm up prior to service then i let it go
    that'll then give me space for the next project i stumble on

  4. kemo

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    I should listen to you Fin. I have my s3t Buell sitting in the shop taking up room. I haven't ridden it in 2 1/2 years except for the odd illegal run around the block. Maybe I would sell it if the wife had not told me to sell it. Oh well life goes on.
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    Isn't it a good feeling to know that you just changed this man life. By introducing him to the Harley-Davidson family.
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    It is a good feeling! I threw in a heavy duty lock for the steering column, the owners manual, a rebuild kit for the rear brake, a spare battery, 2 sets of fiberglass sidebags, spare ignition coil, ignition switch. Then as he and his dad were loading her into the trailer I thought heck, I bought a new leather jacket- and gave him my trusty old biker jacket. Fit him well too...
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    Its alway hard to let something go you have had for some time, I have an 97 ultra that must stay in the family.
    Part of the furnature at the moment.
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    I understand, I'm having trouble just thinking about selling my 99 Roadking. I haven't ridden it since I bought the SG. I know I could use the money for appliances for the house I'm buying.

    We'll see:newsmile037: