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Fitment Issue with Security System Pager Kits
Purpose / Background:
The purpose of this bulletin is to inform you of fitment issues with the new Security System Pager Kits
and to advise corrective action procedures required by dealers.
Affected Part Numbers:
1) 91665-03 H-D Security System Pager, FL Touring, Dyna and Softail Models, 2002 Label Date
We have discovered RF interference between the pager transmitter antenna and grounded frames on
Dyna and Softail models that affects proper performance of the paging system; FL Touring models
are not affected.
Solution: We are in the process of upgrading pager transmitters to eliminate this issue on future
inventory. Backordered dealer orders currently in our system and all future dealer orders will contain
the upgraded transmitter.
Upgraded pager transmitters can be identified by a silk-screened Bar & Shield on the face of the
transmitter; current pager transmitters have a Bar & Shield printed on a pressure sensitive label
located on the face of the transmitter. Upgraded 91665-03 kits will contain a 2003 date code on the
retail display carton label (see Sample 1 on next page for 2003 label sample).
Dealer Action for Stock On-Hand at Dealership: For 91665-03 Pager Kits containing a 2002 date
code on the retail display carton label, it is recommended that you place an identifying mark such as
“for use on FL Touring models only “ on the existing label on the retail display carton (see Sample 2
on next page for example). All upgraded product, as identified by the 2003 date code, will fit FL
Touring, Dyna and Softail models, as indicated above.
2) 91664-03 H-D Security System Pager, VRSC Models, 2002 Label Date
We have received feedback that the 2002-labeled batch contains a wiring harness with a shortened
lead that does not allow proper fitment on VRSC models containing Security System Smart Sirens.
Solution: H-D is sending replacement harnesses separately to all dealers via mail in late February.
Dealer Action: When you receive the new harness in the mail, scrap the harness in the 2002 kit and
replace with the new harness.