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Security Module Location

junkyard dog

New Member
I have a 2007 FXSTB purchased from a salvalge yard and want was trying to find where the module is for the security system (if it has one ) would be located. The "key" icon lights when the ignition is turned on. Does this indicate it has the option , or is that light on all models whether the system was factory installed or not?
Do you have the key fob that came with the bike?The key icon could be an current code and jhave nothing to do with the TSSM.Be careful messing with the TSSM.It can be a real pain and I have access to the Digital Technician.Check the codes before messing around there.If it's activating the alarm the turn signals will begin to blink and if equipped with one the siren will begin to kell eveything within 50 feet.Just kidding but that thing is annoying.