Security Light issue after HID headlight install

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  1. I recently installed the H-D HID Headlight Kit. After installation test ride I noticed the security light would stay on. I cleared the code (b 1154) and turned the ignition off. The next time the ignition was turned on the security light lit, then went off, then came back on and stayed until shutdown. I cleared it several more times but it still comes back w/the same code. Any ideas out there?
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    B1154 Clutch Switch Input Short to Ground is what the code is for.

    The wires going to the switch in the clutch lever may be pinched or shorted in some way.
  3. Thanks Glider. I will check the plugs for the hand controls as I had to disassemble them to replace a wire for each of the plugs on the main harness. I bet I didn't get them assembled correctly. I will let you know what I find.

    I did not see anything when i disassembled the plugs but when i put it back together the security light did not come back on. I am always a little leary of it when i dont see an obvious problem but that seems to be the way it is sometimes. Thanks for the help and rapid response to this post Glider.
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  4. Security Light is back on with the same code. I will get out the ohm meter and start chasing wires now. Hopefully I can find the short that way.