Securing bike for fluids change

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    First of all, check out the recommendations here for the fluids to use on your engine, tranny and Primary:

    Oil Suggestions For Harleys - Harley Davidson Community

    With respect to lifting the bike for oil changes: you do not need to elevate the bike to change the fluids. It does help to warm up the fluids with a ride that gets them up to operating temperature and then let the bike cool a bit before opening up the drain plugs to dump the hot fluids. And putting the jiffy stand on a piece of wood to bring the bike more upright will help drain the tranny better. I use 3 pieces of 1"x3" about 10" long with one of the pieces only 5". That forms a step that allows me to put the bike almost straight up (all three pieces under the stand), or leaning a bit more (with just two). If you put a piece of 4x4 with a 2x4 on top of it on the right side under the frame, it acts to stabilize the bike in the upright position. Check these out: