Seattle to Daytona trip next month

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    Hey I am bored and unemployed and think I am going to ride from Fall city Washington to Daytona bike week next month, just wondering if any one has done a west coast to east coast trip like this and what the weather was like,
    I am allredy a duck from living in seattle for so long but don't want to spend 7days in the shower to get there.
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    Just check a good website like,, or on at least a daily basis and plan your next days route accordingly. That time of year, I don't see how you're going to be able to totally avoid some cold or wet weather, or both! Be prepared to hunker down a day or two to let a bad weather system move past you - in other words allow lots of time and don't try to stick to too much of a schedule.

    Good luck and ride safe! Oh, and post your intentions in the Road Trip section and you might get people to ride along on certain portions of your trip to keep you company.
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    i can tell you that my uncle went just the opposite east to northwest, and he experienced alot, left Mississippi with short sleeves and riding jackets and such ,
    got to texas and started to burn up he said, so the went ahead and crossed into arizona.
    there they went northwest up to oregon, he said they like to have froze to death, the weather was very cold in the 30 degrees not counting windchill, from there up to were you live, across montana and back down the us to Mississsippi, he spent 2 weeks and went total of over 6500 miles on a ultra classic., he had to buy a heated leather vest on the way to keep warm he said. he loved it though! check weather all over us before the run. good luck!!! it was him and 6 others.
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    Its so warm in the northwest (50 degrees in seattle) that this is snoqualme pass today around 1pm, I-90 was clear and the rain stopped for a few hours, the ski lifts looked like they were closed.
    About 27 were the picture was taken.

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