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    If this is a dup posting, I apologize. I searched and couldn't find anything specific.

    Anyway, What type of seats are you guys using? I have an 09 street glide and the girlfriend hated the seat so i decided to get another one. I am a huge fan of Mustang's however by my poor judgment I went to the stealer and asked them for there opinion and they all recommended the sundowner seat. So $350 later I got the seat. The girlfriend is happy although, I am not. It is probably hands down the worse seat ever. I truly think that I would be better off putting my mountain bike seat on the bike instead. Since I am already at a loss of $350 and probably only be able to recover about $200 from ebay I would appreciate knowing what others have on their street glide only.

    I am 5'10" 170lbs and 31inch inseam.

    I am looking for a comfortable seat that would fit me and have at least a 10inch rear seat. If anyone is around my same size and not riding a stock seat I would love your opinions. I'd like to have some insight prior to wasting another $350? Thanks in advance!!

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    the problem I would say is Harley is th only none stock seat since they jsut came out. I have been looking for one for my 09 Road glide and now one has anything yet. I think you should just wait and see what comes out. I am a huge fan of corbin. 22,000 miles on my 03 road glide and no saddle sores.
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    Curious - what don't you like about the Sundowner? I've had one on my Street Glide for several months and I think it's a HUGE improvement over the stock seat. Also got it through Zanotti's for way less than $350!

    By the way, I'm 6 foot tall/32 inch inseam tipping the scales at 235. Can't understand why I'm not losing any weight! :cheers :cheers
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    Pillow-Look Touring Seat for Dyna® Wide Glide® Models

    I would really recommend this one and its only 229 $ I am almost the same height as you and I would say more :(pounds than you

    but its soooo good , I have it on 2008 Fat bob and it does make the ride so much comfy than the old seat


    u can c how nice i set on it in this post

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    All 2008 seat work on the 2009 models.