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  1. Jcannon

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    Does anyone know if someone makes a wider solo or 2up seat that also moves the rider back 1/2" or so ? I'd like to get a little more room backwards and pick up some more relaxing bars as well.
  2. BikerChick915

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    I swapped my stock seat out for the Mustang. Best mod I could have made, as I am able to ride for much, much longer durations! Seat is nice and wide as well. Not sure about the 1/2" farther back issue tho. Let us know what you find out!
  3. I heard the Sundowner sets you back and puts you in a touring position and has good lower back support.Plus is a deep bucket seat. This is all from the Hd Shop Talk newsletter that I got today. They make a seat called the Tall boy,but not for the sporty.That one is supose to put you 3 inches back.
  4. Joyflyin

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    I don't know if this is relative, but I have the sundowner on my deuce & have no complaints. Comfortable enough for most rides. I may only consider changing it to a sundowner with a rider backrest in the future. Good luck.
  5. scottaudio

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    I replaced my stock Sportster seat with a Sundowner and it made all of the difference in long distance road riding. I was worn out after 160 miles on the stock seat, and now I ride 360 with no problems. What I want now is the little lever for the throttle that is a "mechanical" type of cruise (instead of the stock screw mechanism). It's called the "cruise buddy" and it's expensive, but to have easy 1/4 flip on/off of throttle control is my next goal.

    Good luck!
  6. Jcannon

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    Thanks guys ill look into sundowners.
  7. Sharky1948

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    I've got the Corbin dual touring with the rider backrest. It really does the trick for me!

    And, as ScottAudio said, the Cruise Buddy is a nice little addition for touring. I set it so I can easily roll off the throttle if I need to, but can remove my hand from the grip to scratch my........nose.
  8. ChromePrincess

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    My husband is 6'4" 320lbs, and has the same issue as the OP. After 3 different seats, he finally found the perfect one. It's the "Tallboy" from Harley. It moves you back an 1 3/4, and up 2 inches. It's a super comfy ride too, and also a 2up. Hope this helps.

    I did just realize though that the orignal poster is riding a sportster, and not sure if the Tallboy comes for the sportster. My bad! =)
  9. big possum

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    try sundowner I bought one and it is great
  10. Barnicle

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    Yes, I aquired a sundowner as well. It has made a big difference. I do not ache like I did with the stock seat. I went on a 160 mile trip this past weekend and my butt felt like I had just gone down the road a bit. I could easily do 300+ miles and not feel to tired.