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  1. bbbigcountry43

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    I have a 2001 electric glide I'm looking for a good seat to bye for long rides w/out my rear getting sore.Or is this impossible ? Any good seats out there?
    Was looking at Corbin, Mustang and even Air Glide Seats .
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  2. Redfish-Joe

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    Like Smitty said. Mean City Cycles will take your stock seat and redo it to fit you.

    Mean City Cycles Custom Seat Modifications :: Home
  3. CropdusterDoug

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    For less than $100, I've got my seat perfectly formed for my rear end using 5/8" thickness gel, and Tempur Pedic Foam. I had first tried the foam only, but used the combination of gel and foam to form the exact contour to spread the weight, I can't imagine any specialty seat functioning any better. All it takes is about two hours of your time, a spray can of adhesive, a sharp butcher knife to trim the foam to size, a pistol cleaning rod with a loop on the end to pull the strings holding the seat buttons, a heavy duty stapler to reattach the seat cover, and some imagination. Of course you could just pay a shop to do the same thing. $$$
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    +1 I did the same thing - only mine ended up costing more. I used some stingray leather (bought 2 skins) and replaced 2 of the seats "panels" with it. Looked fantastic... until some (EDIT) took a knife to it in a parking lot. People hate when you have nice things. :(

    Please read this...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community
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    Good morning.
    Mine is a 2010 FLHX. I/m average height/weight and after 30-45 min found myself jiggling around on seat and never COMFORTABLE. I ordered another seat from HD Dealer which with back rest cost me $650. Was slightly wider but again... after 30-45 min, my rear end just started hurting.

    I just dropped U$900 on a Corbin. If this doesnt work then I will start doing rear end excercises. Customer service at Corbin is frankly lousy.. They do you a favor they talk to you. However, their seats are comfortable. You just sit on it & go wow.

    Best of luck.
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    Only experience is with Mustang seats. Have their seats on both my Sportster and Ultra. I can ride all day and never have a bad feeling.
    200 miles on the stock Sportster seat would get me in the kidneys. Added a Mustang seat and have gone 500 in a day without any problem.
    I think what helped was a steel base, not that plastic base that was stock on the H-D seat. Better material also.
    Bought all my seats in like-new condition on eBay. Saved some money!
  7. Breeze3at

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    I've found that tight jeans contribute to the discomfort on long rides. Looser jeans help, but don't cure the burn.
  8. franka

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    Saddlemen Explorer, have this on my 07 RK and have ridden over 5,000 miles with it....great seat!

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    Have owned a couple of Mustang seats. Have one on my '99 Ultra and love it.
  10. ultra...good

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    I have a Road Zeppelin air adjustable seat. It came with my ultra, and to be honest, if it did not, i never would have bought it. From what i remember they are pretty darn expensive. But after having it and doing some 850 mile days + for three days in a row, that seat is great. It is not particularly comfortable compared to say my sofa, but the advantage of it is that once you get uncomfortable on it, you just adjust the airbags and you are sitting on an all together different seat. That seemed to help a lot. I would only have it on a bike that I am putting a lot of miles on in a single day, it would not be worth it if the longest i were going is 2-300 miles.